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T’Rex Tank Chassis

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Código De Producto: ROB-12719

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Será mejor que llame al Dr. Grant porque tenemos un T’Rex! Si pensabas que nuestro anterior chasis de robot era robusto y robusto, entonces no has visto esto. El T’Rex Tank Chassis es una plataforma de metal todo terreno para robots diseñada para manejar las condiciones de conducción más extremas posibles.

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You better call Dr. Grant because we’ve got a T’Rex! If you thought our previous robot chassis were beefy and rugged then you haven’t seen this. The T’Rex Tank Chassis is a full metal all-terrain robot platform designed to handle the most extreme driving conditions possible! This chassis offers the best of two worlds: It takes almost no time to go from un-boxing to rolling chassis, but it’s also ready to be expanded on and makes great base stock for a serious ‘bot.

The T’Rex Tank Chassis is equipped with two independently driven 12V gearmotors with a typical current rating of 4A (No Load at 1.3A & Stall Current at 11A with a 5000mAh LiPo Battery). Each motor drives one tank tread that offers three lower wheels that help to improve traction and reduce shock to the main body and controller. On that note: the gears, tracks, suspension struts, and wheels are all made of die cast zinc which offers a fair amount of corrosion resistance reducing the constant need of maintenance and upkeep.

Inside the T’Rex Chassis’ aluminum body you will find plenty of space for your motor controller, batteries, sensors, and anything else you could possibly need space for. Two top panels can be easily removed via four spring catches mounted in between the wheels. Additionally, the front hinged cover plate can be removed to affix any large sensor(s) to your T’Rex, you can even attach a custom plate to fit your preference (we’re waiting to see someone 3D Print a T-Rex head and attach it to one of these guys)! Since the chassis does have a full aluminum body it will block any electrical noise and radio signals so you will need to attach any receiver or transmitter to the outside of the T’Rex.

We have tested the Monster Moto Shield (not included) with this chassis. The driver works just fine with the T’Rex when coupled with an Arduino development board.

Dimensions: 355 x 175 x 130mm (14″ x 6.8″ x 5″)

Weight: 3.7Kg (8 lbs)


  • All-Terrain
  • Anodized Aluminum Body
  • Anodized Zinc Tracks, Struts, and Wheels
  • 2x 12V DC motors with all metal gearboxes
  • Motor Specifications:
    • Typical Voltage: 12V
    • No Load Current: 1.3A
    • Typical Current: 4A
    • Stall Current: 11A (Measured using a 3S 5000mAh LiPo battery)
  • 70mm (2.75″) Clearance with Low Center of Gravity
  • Removable Front and Top Panels with Quick Spring Release


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